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Christoph Marthaler

The Swiss director, composer and musician Christoph Marthaler was awarded The International Ibsen Award 2018.

Marthaler (born in 1951) has worked at theatres and opera houses across Europe and is best known for his unique stage language in the intersection between musical theatre and stylised, physical theatre.

"Christoph Marthaler has been one of the world's most important and influential theatre directors for more than 30 years. He has created his own unique stage language that paves the way for new insight into interpersonal relationships and has inspired a large international audience," says Per Boye Hansen, head of the jury for the International Ibsen Award. Boye Hansen acclaims Marthaler as a strong source of inspiration for young theatre aspirants around the world.

"His contribution to the development of theatre as an art form has been considerable and the entire jury is enthusiastically united behind the presentation of the world's most important theatre award," Boye Hansen adds.