Guidelines for The International Ibsen Award

18th January 2012

  1. The International Ibsen Award was established by the Norwegian National Assembly (Stortinget) during the consideration of the National Budget for 2007. The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the management of the award.
  2. The amount that constitutes the award is decided by the National Assembly.
  3. The International Ibsen Award is to honour an individual, institution or organisation that has contributed to the global dramatic art or given the theatre new artistic dimensions.
  4. The committee of the International Ibsen Award consists of seven members. The committee is appointed by the Ministry of Culture for a period of four years. On appointing the committee the ministry will seek suggestions from the National Theatre, Municipality of Oslo, The University of Oslo, Municipality of Grimstad, Municipality of Skien (Henrik Ibsen’s place of birth), Den Nationale Scene, Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Union of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras and the Dramatic Writers’ Guild.  The Ministry of Culture will ensure that the composition of the committee is in accordance with Equality statutory requirements for the representation of both genders in all-public committees etc.
  5. The International Ibsen Award is presented every two years during the Ibsen Festival. The National Theatre is responsible for the implementation of the award. The winner of The International Ibsen Award will be invited to participate at a symposium during the festival, held in connection to the award ceremony at The National Theatre.
  6. Any person may nominate candidates for the International Ibsen Award.
  7. The National Theatre hosts the secretariat of The International Ibsen Award and assists the committee with preparation and implementation of the committee´s work, award ceremony and communication. 
  8. The National Theatre administers the grant from The Ministry of Cultural Affairs for the International Ibsen Award, and is responsible for the resources in consultation with the chairperson of the committee. The National Theatre reports annually to the Ministry on the use of funds.