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Little Eyolf

By Henrik Ibsen.

"Merciless on complacency"

About the neglected child

When the dream of the perfect family becomes a nightmare for the children.

We all seem to be concerned with how we relate to our children, but have we forgotten what it really means? Does the facade matter too much? Do we neglect the importance of just being there? These are the questions director Sofia Jupither poses in Little Eyolf

Eyolf is a child who is not seen. As a baby, he fell from the changing table because his parents, Rita and Alfred, were more concerned with each other than with his safety. In most productions, the emotional warfare between Rita and Alfred is the focus of the play. In Jupither’s version, though, Eyolf is the protagonist. Little Eyolf drowns, and Rita and Alfred – played by Pia Tjelta and Kåre Conradi – do not see what they had until they have lost it.

Of all Ibsen’s plays, Little Eyolf is the one least influenced by the surrounding community. There are no telegrams in locked mailboxes and there is no syphilis; there is only a reference to a steamer. The story is easy to adapt to our own time. The story of the vulnerable child speaks just as strongly to us today. Ibsen’s people belong to our time.

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Performed at the Main stage from 24 May.

Duration: Approx. 1 hour and 25 minutes without intermission. 



  • "Merciless on complacency"

  • "This is Ibsen with the gloves off"

    The Guardian
  • “Pia Tjelta and Kåre Conradi succeed in an unusually clear Little Eyolf.”

  • "An extraordinarily well played and musical production of Little Eyolf."

  • "When Little Eyolf ends in a black with a glimmer of hope that both shakes and pains, it is an Ibsen-triumph of which Jupither from all of her heart can thank Tjelta and Conradi."


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