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I wanna know what love is

Av RashDash og avgangselevene ved Akademi for scenekunst

Avgangsforestilling fra Akademi for scenekunst

Studentene ved Akademi for scenekunst ved Høyskolen i Østfold gjester Nationaltheatret med sin avgangsforestilling I wanna know what love is.

We don’t want to make art for artists. We want to make art for The People.

Romeo has just killed Juliet’s cousin and he wants to talk about their relationship status.

We want everyone to want theatre.

Gina and Bruno keep inventing new ways to love each other.

We acknowledge our privilege in being able to make art about what may seem like absolutely nothing.

The band won’t stop playing love songs.

If people would rather go see a concert or watch a movie or work out, we are sad for them, because they are missing out on the “here and now” that is live performance.

In a time of fragmented narratives about capitalism and the rise of the far right, we want to talk about something that matters, something that burns …


Abbi Greenland, Helen Goalen og Becky Wilkie.


Andrea Lindeneg, Cecilio Orozco, Duduzile Mathonsi, Gregers Kroksleiven-Hansen, Jakob Krog, Jay Fiskerstrand, Livia Hiselius, Naja Schønemann, Nina Jensen, Ragni Halle, Simon Zeller, Sofia Findahl og Tova Ekenberg.

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Oslo-premiere 29. mai 2019 på Malersalen.