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Photographer: Øyvind Eide

Your journey

Are you new to Oslo, and wondering how to get to the National Theatre? Here, we answer your questions about your visit to the theatre.

Where do I find the National Theatre?

The National Theatre is in the middle of Oslo’s city centre, between the Palace and Parliament. The address is Johanne Dybwads plass 1, 0161 Oslo.

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Public transport

The metro, tram, bus, and train all stop at the National Theatre. After Jernbanetorget, the National Theatre is the stop with the most connections in Oslo.

To find which route and mode of transportation suit you, please look here. 

Parking garages

  • Sentrum P-hus
  • Paléet P-hus
  • Vestre Vika P-hus
  • Aker Brygge P-hus
  • Grnd Garasjen P-hus

Please consult Europark for more information on parking in Oslo.

Where do I find the Torshov Theatre?

The Torshov Theatre is in the Soria Moria building in Torshov. The address is Vogts gate 64, 0477 Oslo.

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Public transport

There are bus and tram stops on Vogts gate, which is Torshov’s main street and where the theatre is situated. The theatre is one short block north of the stop called Torshov, with the entrance placed on the right-hand side of the front of the red, amphitheatre-shaped Soria Moria building. The theatre is on the first floor. You could also take the metro to Storo, and then connect by bus or tram from there to Torshov.

To find which route and mode of transportation suit you, please look here.


You can park along the streets by the theatre, please follow the road signs.

Where do I find the theatre’s workshops?

The theatre’s workshops and external rehearsal spaces are currently on Brobekkveien in Alnabru. The address is Brobekkveien 102A, 0582 Oslo.

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