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On special needs

Do you use a wheelchair or an audio induction loop? Do you have very long legs or impaired vision? We will tailor your theatre visit to your needs!

I am a wheelchair user. Can I visit the theatre?

We have designated wheelchair places at Hovedscenen, Amfiscenen, and the Torshov Theatre. It is important that you let us know you are a wheelchair user when booking tickets, and that you show up in good time before the show starts. Our ushers will give you a warm welcome and show you to your place.

Unfortunately, there are no wheelchair places in Malersalen, as it is only accessible by stairs.

Can I book wheelchair places online?

Unfortunately, this is not possible within our current system. Please get in touch with the box office, either by telephone: 22 00 14 00, or by email to book wheelchair places.

Walking is hard for me, what do I do?

It would be great if you could inform us of this when booking tickets, so we can help find seats that suit your needs. You may also get in touch with our ushers upon arrival, and they will help you find your seat.

I am hard of hearing. Will I hear what the actors say?

For hearing-aid users, we have installed an infrared hearing system at Hovedscenen. Please get in touch with an usher upon arrival, and they will provide you with a receiver or a telecoil. Please let us know upon booking, and we will allocate seats that are covered by the infrared system. If you are hard of hearing, but do not use a hearing-aid, we will help you find seats with the best sound conditions.

What can you offer visitors who do not understand Norwegian? 

As a matter of course, all our shows and events are in Norwegian. If a show or event is in another language, this will be stated on the show’s page.

I have very long legs! Are there any seats that are a better fit for me?

Yes, there are. Please let us know when you book your tickets, and the box office can help you find the best seats for you.

Are any of the shows converted into sign language?

Yes, we collaborate with the Norwegian Association of the Deaf, and we sometimes employ a sign language interpreter for our family shows. If a show employs a sign language interpreter, this will be stated on the show’s page online.

May I take my baby to the theatre?

We do not recommend bringing babies to shows that are not meant for small children.

May I take a pushchair to the theatre?

Pushchairs, pushchair equipment and the like must be left in the vestibule. This is in case the building needs to be evacuated. Our ushers will show you where to place your pushchair.