Child (HU)

A Dogma inspired, uniquely and intimate meeting with Ibsens A Doll’s House.

Meet Dollardaddy's – one of the youngest Hungarian ensembles, true risk-takers in every sense: Experimenting on the boundaries of real life and theatre, in a minimalistic style with very little set or costume, re-narrating Ibsen and other classic playwrights, while keeping the characters, the situations and the conflicts, but speaking the lines in their own words.

Their performance Child has a completely stripped-down, intimate and personal format – without any props or costumes or any other usual stage technology. Their original acting style, inspired by the Dogma films, invites the audience to be part of a uniquely intimate relationship with the performers: They are seated inside the "living-room", everything is happening just within their grasp. They don’t get involved, yet they can’t remain aloof and unavoidably become a part of the story. Every performance is different – every evening delivering a unique experience.

Child is a part of dollardaddy’s Family trilogy, which also consists of Love (Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf) and Home (August Strindberg’s The Pelican). The three different plays are only passingly related to one another, but together they tell three different stories about family: The problems of coexistence within a family and the commom communication trap caused by a far too immediate relationship.

Director: Tamás Ördög. Cast: Emőke Kiss-Végh (Nora Helmer), Tamás Ördög (Torvald Helmer, her husband), Annamária Láng (Lindéné, her friend) and Sándor Terhes (Krogstad).


“The company are also attracted by the rigours of the Dogme manifesto, and to that end, the only lighting is that found in the room, the only music is played one means visible in the space, and the acting is fully naturalistic… All this is excellent.” (Andrew Haydon, critic).