Has the role of women really changed since 1879?

We follow Nora Helmer’s awakening from her comfortable role as housewife and spouse in A Doll’s House. After being ruled by men her whole life she begins to question the entire foundation of her beliefs. The play was seen as scandalous and completely unacceptable by many Europeans when it came out. tg STAN presentsA Doll’s House as a tale of social hypocrisy, with a critical take on consumer culture and the potential pitfalls of a well-furnished home in Europe in 2012.


Text: A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. By and with: Wine Dierickx, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Tiago Rodrigues and Frank Vercruyssen. Lighting: Thomas Walgrave. Costumes: An d’Huys. Production/technical: tg STAN. Co-production: Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon (PT), Festival de Almada (PT) and BIT Teatergarasjen.