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On discounts

Are you a member of OBOS, a student, retired, or do you want a group discount? The National Theatre has a number of different discount schemes for you.

How do I buy a gift voucher?

You can buy gift vouchers here. You can choose between one of our suggested amounts or decide the amount for yourself. The gift voucher is valid for two years from the day of purchase, and may be spent over several rounds and/or as partial payment.

I have a gift voucher, how do I use it?

You’re free to use the gift voucher in all our purchasing channels: by phone, at the box office, or paying for tickets online. All you need is the number written on your gift voucher.

What discounts are available?

Most performances offer ordinary discount rates for seniors, the disabled, students, pupils, and groups of ten people or more. The relevant discounts will appear onscreen when you buy tickets. Please remember to bring your student ID or disability ID when collecting your tickets.

What is the senior discount age limit?

The lower age limit for the senior discount is 67, but the same discount is available to disability ID holders (without age restrictions).

I am a senior/disability ID holder. Is the rest of my party entitled to a discount?

No, this discount is personal, and is only valid for you and your ticket.

What is the age limit for children’s tickets?

The upper age limit for children’s tickets is the year you turn 15. From the age of 15, you can join the Unge National membership scheme and be entitled to even cheaper tickets.

Is there an OBOS discount?

Yes, our good sponsors OBOS offer a 20 per cent discount to their members. Each member can buy up to two discounted tickets per performance using their membership card. Please tick the OBOS box during purchasing. Please remember to bring your OBOS card to the performance, in case of inspection.

Can I order stage card tickets online?

No, this discount is only available when buying tickets by phone, per email, or at the box office.

Can I buy carer tickets online?

No, carer tickets are available to buy by phone, per email, or at the box office.

Are there any clubs or membership schemes I can join at the National Theatre, which offer discounted tickets?

Yes, there are. You can read more about our membership schemes and rewards programmes here.

Are group discounts available?

Yes, of course! If you wish to buy tickets for a group, i. e. more than nine tickets for one show, please contact us by telephone on 815 00 811, or send us an email. For groups of 30 or more, we offer a group discount of approx. 20 per cent. For groups of 10 or more, we offer a group discount of approx. 10 per cent. The discounts are valid for full price tickets.

Do you offer last minute ticket price reductions?

Yes, for both Hovedscenen and Amfiscenen. Here, we offer a «last minute» rate from two hours before showtime. This price is not available in conjunction with other discounts. This offer is only available at the National Theatre box office.