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Hedda Gabler at Sæterhytten (NO)

By Henrik Ibsen. Idea and concept by Juni Dahr.

“This is Hedda Gabler pure and true in a fitting setting"


Juni Dahr as Hedda Gabler
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  • Thursday 13. Sep


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Played 11, 12, and 13 September at Sæterhytten, Bygdøy

Sæterhytten is located at Dronningberget in Bygdøyveien 30, near the Bygdøylokket intersection.

Duration of performance: 1 hr 30 min. Performed in Norwegian. 

Hedda Gabler at Sæterhytten (NO) is produced by Visjoner Teater and is a part of The Ibsen Festival 2018.

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The Ibsen Festival

Ibsen from the inside

Get up close with Hedda Gabler and Juni Dahr’s Visjoner Teater – inside Hedda’s house.

One of the International Ibsen Festival’s most intimate stages is not a stage at all. As one of a lucky few, you can now be invited into Hedda Gabler’s parlour at Sæterhytten, Bygdøy, and experience Ibsen from inside Hedda’s house. You cannot be closer to the action than this.

Juni Dahr is the artistic director of the actor-based Visjoner Teater. Here she has developed a distinct artistic profile, unique in Norwegian theatre, with guest performances at international theatre festivals. Whether in Norway or abroad, the performances tend to take place at nontraditional venues.

Hedda Gabler at Sæterhytten was nominated to the Hedda Award 2011 for “outstanding artistic achievement”. The production visited the international Fadjr Festival in Iran in 2016, has been played at international festivals in Poland, Japan and Portugal, and was awarded the prize for best performance at the 2017 Almada International Theatre Festival in Portugal.

Sæterhytten, a part of the Bygdøy Royal Estate, adds a new dimension to Hedda Gabler. The environment and landscape are also a part of Hedda Gabler’s world, with the light of day slowly fading, the city at a distance, and the sky, trees and birds at Bygdøy.

The press says ...


  • “This is Hedda Gabler pure and true in a fitting setting: torn between the closed room and the freedom of nature.”


  • “With an audience of 40–50 closing in on the action, the atmosphere is exceptional. Henrik Ibsen is transplanted from the theatre into actual rooms. This provides a powerful and realistic grasp of the action in Ibsen’s inner drama…”


  • “This is probably the closest we will get to a complete Hedda Gabler.”


Artistic team

Artistic director and performance concept: Juni Dahr
Text adaption: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen
Director: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen, in cooperation with the cast
Costume designer: Silje Fjellberg
Producer: Marianne Roland


Hedda Gabler: Juni Dahr
Jørgen Tesman: Lars Øyno
Eilert Løvborg: Hauk Heyerdahl
Assessor Brack: Robert Skjærstad
Thea Elvsted: Line Verndal