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Photographer: Joanna Butler

Juni Dahr

Actor and artistic director at Visjoner Teater

Juni Dahr, born 1953, is a Norwegian actress. Educated at the Norwegian Academy of Theatre, she was employed by The National Stage, Bergen for 12 years. 

In 1989 she received a Fulbright Fellowship for the project Female Legends and founded the theatre company Visjoner Teater, to explore legendary female roles and create independent theatre and film productions.

With Visjoner Teater, she has created such success performances as e.g. A Doll’s House in Wesselsgate 15 at Norsk Folkemuseum, in the flat decorated as specified by Ibsen’s stage directions, Growth of the Soil, which has been played in barns around the country since 2005, Ibsen Women – Put an Eagle in a Cage, Kristian Lavransdatter and Cassandra.

Through Vision Theater, June Dahr explores specific places and spaces to create new arenas for performing arts. The performances run internationally and in Norway.

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