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An enemy of the People (CL) (Un enemigo del pueblo)

By Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Bosco Cayo

“A good version of a classic play – from a pair of audacious directors”

Santi teatro & danza

An enemy of the People
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  • Saturday 15. Sep


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Performed 15 September at Amfiscenen.

Duration of performance: 1 hr 45 min. Performed in Spanish, with English surtitles.

Produced by Colectivo Zoológico, financed by FONDART 2014, Ministry of Culture.

An enemy of the People (CL) is a part of The Ibsen Festival 2018.

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The Ibsen Festival

Behind closed doors

A chilean enemy of the people tackles the frailty of democracy and the power of financial interests.

This is the story about Doctor Stockman, the manager of a health spa which is also a major tourist attraction. When the doctor discovers that the water is contaminated, placing the health of the population in peril, he faces a decision: Will he disclose what he knows – or will he succumb to the town’s financial and political interests? Somebody is pressuring him to keep the information secret…

The Chilean theatre company Colectivo Zoológico performs An Enemy of the People both live and on screen. When the curtains go down, the characters’ actions continue to be portrayed on camera. It is as if the actors are on an inner stage inside the stage, giving the audience insight into what happens behind closed doors.

Through screen and stage, the audience observes and examines a group of young adults in a realistic and sensitive production, an impressionistic image of daily life, which the audience can relate to. As if in a capsule or prototype of modern reality, the characters develop and pursue their ideas down an extreme and undemocratic road.

Play with transparency, video and projection reveals the intimate rooms where public decisions are made and power is manipulated. While the concepts of common good and public opinion are referred to as sacrosanct, in reality vested interests rule.

Written by Ibsen 130 years ago, it could just as well have been written yesterday. The play questions the individual’s commitment to truth in the multitude of day-to-day decisions – and in a reality where money rules.

The press says ...


  • “A good version of a classic play – from a pair of audacious directors”

    Santi teatro & danza

  • “Ibsen’s play remains completely valid.”

    El Mercurio

Artistic team

Nicolás Espinoza, Laurene Lemaitre (directors), Pablo Mois, Sebastián Pereira, José Manuel Aguirre, Juan Pablo Troncoso, José Miguel Neira, Germán Pinilla, Viviana Nass, Esteban Cerda and Paula Pavez.