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Sponsors and collaborators

At the National Theatre we enjoy close, long-term relationships with our sponsors and collaborators. Together we have developed and executed several important social projects and innovative cultural activities, yielding great results for our sponsors and collaborators, the theatre, and society.

The National Theatre collaborates with important institutions, think tanks, and organisations. Our collaborations contribute to the development of the theatre as an institution and meeting place, further increasing the theatre’s impact on society. These collaborations are intended as mutually beneficial for our partners, the theatre, and society as a whole. Together we develop tailored partnerships and collaborations.



    For several years, Mimesis has been the National Theatre’s development training for Norwegian executives, in which actors from the theatre and leadership lecturers use the dramatic arts, philosophy, and world literature as tools for leadership development.

Main sponsor

  • OBOS

    OBOS have been in charge of urban development in Oslo for nearly 85 years. For OBOS, urban development means more than focusing on buildings and infrastructure. A rich cultural life is a prerequisite for a vital city where people are happy and where they wish to stay.

Ibsen Festival, school reviews, hip hop, and open-air theatre

Our collaborations with our partners have, among other things, helped us launch the internationally acclaimed International Ibsen Festival, where the National Theatre’s stages provide an arena for celebrating and spreading the art of one of the world’s greatest playwrights. For several years, we have created open-air theatre with our partners OBOS at the Miniøya festival. OBOS are also the main sponsors of School Review of the Year, the contest in which schools from the Oslo region compete to have their review show produced on the National Theatre’s main stage. The theatre has hosted hip hop festivals, fundraisers, debates, and memorial events in collaboration with important social institutions. These events generate wider debate and create value for the participants as well as our collaborators.

Open for business during refurbishment

The government has approved a full refurbishment of the National Theatre. During the refurbishment process, all activity will take place outside our main building in the city centre. The theatre will nonetheless remain fully operative, using hired stages. We would like to invite you and your business to a presentation of partnership possibilities and what the National Theatre can offer. Maybe you have an idea you would like to share with us? We look forward to hearing from you!



The National Theatre and Care Partner are collaborating on a programme for the Omsorgspartner management team, aiming to provide the management with a growing perspective on relationships, dissemination, cooperation, and leadership.



The National Theatre has teamed up with the leadership development firm PROMETHEVS to develop the leadership programme MIMESIS, a unique leadership programme integrating the best from the field of leadership with the art of acting and classic drama.



Every year, the National Theatre and KEIRON team up for a Winter seminar for leaders in conjunction with the Day of Epiphany, the 6th of January, a day on which we seek wisdom. KEIRON occupy a unique position through their combination of cultural dissemination and leadership development.



Sparebankstiftelsen DNB is an independent foundation contributing to causes serving the common good.



Nationaltheatrets venner aim to provide support and guidance to the theatre in its dealings with the audience and the authorities.



In a Norwegian context, the foundation InterNational represents a new way of organising efforts to secure international alternative funding for a specific part of the National Theatre’s activities. The foundation aims to strengthen the National Theatre’s activities, the professional dramatic arts nationally and internationally, as well as European shared culture especially, with particular emphasis on the dissemination of Norwegian drama abroad.

Through our aim of securing long-term, private funding of the theatre’s international activities, the foundation is part of a bigger picture of the National Theatre as a state-owned and -funded institution, in that the international activities are not itemised in the theatre’s letters patent, but defined by the theatre itself as an area of investment.