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Photographer: Gisle Bjørneby

The Torshov Theatre

The National Theatre moved into the old library in the Soria Moria building in Torshov in 1977. Since then, the Torshov Theatre has been one of Oslo’s, and Norway’s, most prominent theatre spaces.

The Torshov Theatre has been subjected to artistic, political, and financial turbulence, but has remained a place where actors have been free to try new forms of expression and organisation throughout – consequently succeeding in attracting new audiences to the theatre.

The Torshov stage is a round space, seating between 130 and 200 audience members in the auditorium and up in the gallery. 

The Torshov Theatre started as a communally run space. For a long time, the artistic management has consisted of a group of actors who have gravitated towards Torshov due to their shared artistic profile. The Torshov group has then been granted control of the building, a professional production team, and a set budget for a two-year period. Currently, the Torshov Theatre schedule primarily consists of stand-alone projects initiated by actors.