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Knut Hergel

Knut Hergel and the deficit

Knut Hergel was hired as a new Artistic Director in 1946 and stayed in his position until 1960.

He was a well-educated theatre man. His goal was to re-establish a regular ensemble at Hovedscenen, within a modern artistic framework. He was strong-willed, and after suffering a financial deficit one year, he managed to turn a profit the following seasons. In his final season, he opened the supporting stage Centralteatret (The Central Theatre), which became a financial and artistic burden. The financial situation was so poor, accounts from 1959-1960 showed a deficit threatening the theatre’s continued existence. The actors were not paid on time, there was no money. The theatre had to borrow from the bank, with the autumn’s funding from the state and local authorities as collateral.