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Gustav Berg-Jæger and the occupation

During the period of Nazi rule, the Nazi Gustav Berg-Jæger was instated as Artistic Director. 

He had formerly been a student at Fahlstrøm’s Theatre. He faced a difficult task working with actors who either fled to Sweden or acted without enthusiasm. During the first year they performed previously planned repertory, but over time, Nazi plays came to the foreground. Ticket revenue was sinking, but the losses were covered by the state and local authorities.

When the war was over, Axel Otto Normann stepped back in. It was hard; the ensemble was a mixed bag and starting up again without a planned repertory in place proved challenging. Additionally, a conflict erupted between the board and the Artistic Director; Normann faced resentment as he had stayed in his position as Artistic Director for two months after the board had been imprisoned. They reached a compromise: Normann had to hand in his notice before the end of 1945.