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Pride på National: Pip Uttons «Bacon»

I forestillingen Bacon ifører Pip Utton seg Francis Bacon med skremmende likhet, og ser tilbake på kunstnerens myteomspunne, promiskuøse liv – snerrende, sjarmerende og med umiskjennelig champagne-ånde.

Francis Bacon var en av Storbritannias fremste figurative malere, med et modig og grotesk billedspråk. Han var også en kåt soper. Mens malingen tørket i mørket, jaktet han Sohos gater etter rimelig lammekjøtt, iført nettingstrømper og lærfrakk.

Av: Pip Utton & Jeremy Towler. Med: Pip Utton. Regi: Geoff Bullen 

Forestillingen er på engelsk.

Sagt om forestillingen:

  • «A masterclass in acting, he becomes the consentration of camp.» (British Theatre Guide)
  • «He brings us surprisingly deep into the character.» (Theatre Guide London)
  • «This is a masterpiece.» (Scotsgay)

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  • Terje Strømdahl anbefaler

    Skuespiller Terje Strømdahl forteller deg hvorfor du bør oppleve den utrolige artisten Pip Utton under Pride på National.

In English:

Looking uncannily like Bacon, Pip Utton looks back on his extraordinary life as he rants at, charms, entertains and enlightens his audience swigging champagne.

“Life is just a game played out for no reason, so there is no need one shouldn’t try to achieve everything one wants. After all, life is nothing but a series of sensations. So one may as well try and make oneself extraordinary, extraordinary and brilliant, even if it means becoming a brilliant fool like me and having the kind of disastrous life that I have had. People think my painting is very violent. But life is violent, Very violent. So perhaps my painting is very violent. My painting is a representation of life, my own life above all. The creative process is a cocktail of instinct, skill, culture and a highly creative feverishness. It’s a little like making love, the physical act of love. It can be as violent as f***ing, like an orgasm or an ejaculation. The result is often disappointing but the process is highly exciting.”

Described by critics as the greatest British painter since Turner and by Margaret Thatcher as ‘that dreadful man who paints those horrible pictures’, Francis Bacon remains one of the most challenging and controversial artists of all time. Bacon’s paintings have the power to horrify, excite, disgust, revolt and haunt. It is impossible not to react to his work.

It was probably not only the paintings that so distressed Mrs Thatcher but the man himself. Francis Bacon could spend his mornings painting, his afternoons and evenings drinking champagne and eating, and his nights roaming around Soho dressed in fishnet stockings and a long leather coat looking for ‘rough trade’. His lifestyle full of alcohol, gambling and homosexual promiscuity has created an iconic enigma.